ACCA Course Details

The ACCA Course or Qualification is offered globally by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants of UK, a global body for professional accountants. ACCA aims to offer business-relevant, first choice qualifications to people of application, ability and ambition globally who seek a rewarding career in accountancy, finance and management. Founded in 1904, ACCA has consistently held unique core values: opportunity, diversity, innovation, integrity and accountability. These values are aligned to the needs of employers in all sectors and ACCA ensures that, through their qualifications, they prepare accountants for business.

Why do the ACCA course in India?

There are many accountancy bodies that offer accountancy qualifications around the world. Here is a summary of why you should choose the ACCA Qualification:

Unrivalled global network

  • ACCA is the global body for professional accountants which also has over 200,000 members and 486,000 students in 180 countries.
  • Having 100 offices and centres globally, therefore offering localised support.
  • Qualifications are based on international accounting standards therefore making them globally relevant.
  • Offers local law and tax options making your qualification locally relevant too.
  • ACCA qualifications are recognised by key regulatory and education authorities around the world and also have joint membership of other international accountancy bodies.
  • Professional qualifications by ACCA have also been bench marked against education levels around the world. So by choosing ACCA, you choose qualifications that have been independently quality checked.

Respected by employers

  • ACCA has over one hundred years of proven reputation for quality and excellence
  • 7,200 approved employers globally
  • Qualifications developed with employers giving you the skills and knowledge to be work ready
  • A strong focus on ethics means that employers know they are getting ethical accountants
  • Quality assured qualifications mean employers can be confident of your ability and knowledge


 We are well known for ACCA training in India because of our 15+ years of experience training students for the ACCA course in Bangalore, Chennai, Cochin and 20+ other locations in India.

We are Platinum approved learning provider for face to face delivery in Bangalore and Gold approved learning for face to face delivery in Chennai.

The training methodology followed by us has been fine tuned and mastered therefore enabling higher ACCA pass rates among our students.

  • We provide ACCA training that can be taken part-time around work besides the full time option.
  • One can progress at a convenient pace and also start at the right level.
  • Once you qualify with ACCA, you can gain exemption from parts of other academic qualifications, making it quicker for you to complete them.
  • Having both financial and management accounting skills means one can move between roles, industries and sectors.
  • We provide you with the core knowledge in all areas of accountancy to ensure you have the complete skillset required of a finance professional, and so that you can choose the right finance role for you in any industry.
  • We are constantly working with the ACCA India team to give a better training experience for our students.

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ACCA Course details

ACCA papers comprise of two levels; Fundamentals and Strategic Professional. The Fundamentals level consists of two modules; Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills. The Strategic Professional level consists of two modules; Essentials and Options. There are a total of 13 ACCA subjects in India.

ACCA Subjects (13 papers in total)

Fundamentals (9 papers in total)

Strategic Professional (4 papers in total)

Applied Knowledge [Diploma]

Applied Skills [Advanced Diploma]


Options [Choose any two]

Professional Ethics Module

This is a paid [£65] online module which a candidate has to complete before beginning Professional Level papers.

Professional Experience Requirement [PER]

Three years of professional work experience in a relevant field is mandatory in order to get the ACCA membership. Most noteworthy point about professional experience requirement is that it could be obtained before, during or after the ACCA course. In order to gain sufficient work experience ACCA students can apply for suitable roles through the ACCA jobs portal.

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ACCA Performance Objectives

As part of the Practical Experience requirement (PER), you also need to achieve performance objectives.

You’ll need to achieve nine performance objectives in total:

  • all five Essentials objectives, and 
  • any four from 17 Technical objectives.

You’ll demonstrate your achievement of the performance objectives by performing activities in the workplace. You’ll then write a statement to provide examples of your experience which demonstrates to your practical experience supervisor that you have to achieved the objectives.

For more details on the performance objectives, check here.

ACCA Course Fees Structure

These are the fees that you need to pay directly to ACCA. This does not include Tuition or Books fees and does not cover the entire cost of ACCA course in India.

This is divided into ACCA Exam fees in India, ACCA qualification fees (ACCA registration fee in India and ACCA annual subscription fees)  and ACCA Exemption fees

Exam levelExam entry periodDecember 2023 exam fee
(per exam)
March 2024 exam fee
(per exam)
Applied Knowledge
BT, MA, FAStandardRs. 10,000Rs. 10,000
Applied Skills
LWStandardRs. 11,000Rs. 11,000
PM, TX, FR, AA, FMStandard£130£130
Strategic Professional
SBR & OptionsStandard£170£170
ACCA Qualification CostFees
Initial registration£89
Annual subscription£112
*Re-registration fee£89
Exemption FeesFees
Each Knowledge Exam Exempted£86
Each Skill Exam Exempted£114

ACCA Online Classes in India

Globalfti provides LIVE online training for all ACCA papers in India. Our online classes are attended by candidates from India, Middle East, Sri Lanka and other Asian countries. The key features of our online classes are as mentioned:

LIVE interactive online classes

Classes conducted by ACCA qualified faculty

Weekend or Weekday batches

80+ Hours of intensive training

Revision sessions

Exam oriented training with LIVE problem solving

3 Mock Exams with full analysis by faculty

Recordings of all classes available for reference

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ACCA Jobs In India

Undoubtedly the ACCA qualification has attained wider recognition among Indian companies over last few years and is considered to be on par with the Indian CA qualification because of similar skills, knowledge and employability. Awareness about ACCA course has increased as a result of which the number of ACCA jobs in India has risen exponentially. An ACCA qualified person is highly in demand at Big 4 audit firms, international banks, IT companies, KPOs and many Indian companies because all of them require a CA.

As a result of IFRS convergence in India the demand for people with IFRS knowledge has increased multi fold in the year  2018. This demand has subsequently increased the number of ACCA jobs in India. An increase in number of approved employers registered with ACCA has also helped in bringing more number of ACCA  jobs to candidates in India. ACCA jobs portal also assists registered ACCA students to search for ACCA jobs in India and abroad.

ACCA Salary In India

Before joining or after completing the ACCA course the biggest question in a person’s mind is how much is the ACCA salary in India? The number of qualified CAs passing each year in India is very low because of which the demand for ACCAs is increasing. Starting salary for an ACCA affiliate in India can be in the range of 6 Lakhs to 8 Lakhs per annum even though work experience is nil. Once you become an ACCA member the salary increases over 10 Lakhs annually. The ACCA salary in India has become on par with CA’s salary in several roles because of the similarity of skill sets in both qualifications.

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Visit ACCA website to know more about the ACCA Course, ACCA Exams, ACCA Fees and charges and ACCA jobs.


Answering some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to ACCA in India.

ACCA full form is Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

ACCA Course or Qualification is offered globally by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants of UK, a global body for professional accountants. ACCA comprises of 13 papers and one can start studying after passing 10th grade. It is equivalent to a post graduate degree globally.

Both are professional accountancy courses.

  • While CA is from India, ACCA is from the UK.
  • There is group system in CA but no group system in ACCA.
  • In CA one needs to complete 3 years articleship before writing Final group. In ACCA one can get work experience after passing all 13 papers or while studying as well.

Both CA and ACCA have similar syllabus structure. However, ACCA has a global pass rate of 40-50% (GFTI has a pass rate of 60-70%) while CA has a pass percentage of 5-7% making it tougher. The advantage in ACCA is that you can write and pass one paper at a time compared to the group system in CA.

It usually takes between 2 to 3 years to complete ACCA. We have also seen exceptional students complete all 13 papers in 1.5 Years.

Unfortunately, you cannot practice as an auditor in India. However, please note that only 5-10% of qualified CA’s practice in India. Most qualified CA’s enter corporates directly. ACCA’s are similarly eligible to work in all other fields.

Starting salary for an ACCA affiliate in India can be in the range of 6 to 8 Lakhs per annum without any experience. After one becomes a member with 3 years experience the salary jumps to over 10 to 12 Lakhs per annum.

ACCA can work in a large variety of roles. Some of the common roles we have seen are Accountant, Internal Auditor, Business Analyst, Financial Analyst, Treasurer, Compliance Manager and even Chief Financial officer.

Yes, you can practice ACCA in around 50 countries around the world and you can work in around 180 countries.

There is no minimum or maximum age. You can start ACCA as soon as you complete your 10th standard.

No, 10th standard is the minimum qualification required to pursue ACCA. However if you are coming after your 10th instead of 12th, you need to do the Foundation in Accountancy course first.

You will need an aggregate of 65% in Maths/Accounts and English and 50% in all other subjects.

If you are joining ACCA after 12th, you will have to write all 13 papers. However if you are joining ACCA after a degree or a professional course, you are exempted from writing all papers. 

If you already have an eligible degree like Bcom or  have passed some papers of a professional course like CA etc, you are eligible for exemptions and don’t have to write all 13 papers. It may vary based on University/ Course.

  • B.Com/M.Com – 4-5 papers exemption
  • IPCC – 5 papers exemption
  • CA Qualified – 9 papers exemption

You will have to pay the corresponding exemption fees.

Yes, you can pursue ACCA as long as you meet the eligibility criteria mentioned above.

Yes, you can. However, you will have to complete Foundation in Accountancy first.

There are two types of exams. The first 4 papers are On-demand exams and you can write them anytime at one of the valid CBE centres. Please note that GFTI has 4 CBE centres in India; Bangalore, Cochin, Chennai and Coimbatore.

The next 5 papers are online based and conducted once a quarter (In March, June, September and December). You will have to register at least 6 weeks before the exam date to write the exam at a valid testing centre. 

The last 4 papers are paper based and are conducted at a designated centre, once in a quarter. Please note that these exams will be moving online in 2021.

You can rewrite the exam in the next exam sitting after paying the exam fees again.

As soon as you pass all 13 papers, you are a certified ACCA affiliate. Once you complete 3 years of relevant job experience, you become an ACCA member. And you become an FCCA after 5 years of relevant ACCA job experience.

We are the industry leaders when it comes to ACCA classes in India. We have an extensive team of qualified faculty including ACCA’s, CA’s, CMA’s and MBA’s. Over the past many years, we have produced more than 400+ affiliates/members. We also get 4-8 ranks every year.

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Yes, Globalfti offers FREE placement support to all its students.

All ACCA Exams are computer based exams.

The ACCA foundation levels papers are 2 hours each and MCQ based. ACCA applied knowledge papers are 2 hours each and can include MCQ and objective questions. ACCA applied skill papers are 3 hours each and can include MCQ, constructed response questions and objective type questions.

Total marks is 100 and passing marks is 50%

You are eligible to write maximum 4 papers every quarter and not more than 8 papers in a year.

Admissions are now Open for 2024 intake.

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