Excel Certification from Microsoft

Excel Certification

Excel Certification

MS Excel Certification
Excel Certification has become a necessity for any professional in the industry today because of its presence in all business processes, be it accounting, finance, sales, operations,  marketing or human resources.
  • Basic proficiency in Excel is becoming mandatory in most organizations
  • The person who has a greater level of competence with Excel often has an advantage when competing for an open position
  • Excel spreadsheets help collate and analyze large amounts of data
  • Users can represent data visually through charts & graphs
  • Create detailed business plans and financial projections

What do I get after successful completion of this course?

  • MICROSOFT OFFICE SPECIALIST label for the student to be displayed in official communications
  • Online / Hard copy certifications from MICROSOFT to the student
  • Options for updating continuously on the MICROSOFT qualifications
  • Qualified learners will be part of Microsoft Certified Community


  • Understand and use statistical, financial and date functions
  • Nest functions to perform complex calculations
  • Use functions to work with text.
  • Organize a database list by sorting, filtering and subtotaling
  • Use outlining to create easy to read database reports
  • Create, modify and format Microsoft Excel charts
  • Protect a workbook and save with a backup
  • Understand and use advanced functions
  • Consolidate data, link and export data
  • Create and modify PivotTables and Pivot Charts
  • Perform calculations using the IF, OR and NOT functions to display information in Microsoft Excel
  • Create data sets for VLOOKUP functions and perform calculations
  • Use the new table features
  • Understand and use new functions such as COUNTIFS, SUMIFS, IFERROR and CONVERT
  • Get to know basics of macros
MS Excel Certification

What this course will cover

MS Excel Syllabus Pg.1
MS Excel Syllabus Pg.2
MS Excel Syllabus Pg.3


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